PETRO TSYMBAL film editor/сinematographer/actor/sound recordist

Born in 1982 in Kiev, Ukraine.

Co-founder of the studio-laboratory "Irpin's Circle" together with director Alexander Stolyarov, with whom Tsymbal shot and edited over 100 feature, animation and documentary and television films. Among them: " Dostoevsky’s girl " (documentary, 2002)," Silence " (documentary, 2004), "Criticism of Love" (feature film, 2005), "I am Harms" (documentary, 2005), "My wife is a schizophrenic patient" (feature film, 2006), "Girls, girls" (documentary, 2007), "St. Petrovich " (feature film, 2008), "Portrait of an elderly man" (documentary, 2008), " To understand a human " (documentary, 2009), "Six little masterpieces " (animation film, 2013).